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Battery Unit Installation

Flat wall surface must extend at least 2″ above the center of the shower outlet for the control box to be water resistant.

The solenoid valve will cut off the water at the completion of the shower cycle. Many users will therefore not turn the taps off. This will result in the riser pipe between the taps and shower outlet being under pressure for the first time and for long periods. The integrity of that plumbing should be checked on installation and it is unlikely to be a problem. However, we accept no responsibility for leaking joints hidden in the wall.

To install the timer you will need 6 AA Alkaline batteries, and a roll of Teflon thread sealing tape (available at any hardware or plumbing store) and maybe a drill and bits. Fit only good quality, heavy duty Alkaline batteries.


  • Remove the existing shower arm.
  • Carefully clean out the elbow threads including old sealing tape, mortar, grout, etc. Threads must be clean and in good condition. A wire brush is handy for this purpose.
  • Water and electronics are not compatible so it is important that the control box is firmly against a flat wall surface on all sides. In some bathrooms, where the wall is tiled, the tiled surface is less than 2″ above the center of the shower water outlet elbow. You must ensure that area is flat for the top of the box to seal. A piece of tile with a dab or two of silicon adhesive will suffice and the box will hold it in place. There are drain holes in the bottom and breather holes in the top of the box. They prevent condensation within the box and they should not be sealed.
  • In order for the box to be flat against the wall, the shower outlet elbow must be flush with the finished wall surface (tiles).

To instal the solenoid valve

  • Without thread sealing tape, screw the valve fully in by hand and note the position of the “coil” part of the valve. About five full turns should put the coil at the 6 O’clock position. The end of the valve must be flush or deeper than the wall surface in order for the box to seal against that surface.

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Programming the Timer

After installation it is necessary to remove the shower in order to re-program the timer so please consider the options carefully and program before installing.

Refer to the table of settings below and apply the desired settings to the “dipswitches” on the both sides of the circuit board. (See Fig 1) Note the “ON” position marked on the dipswitch and the numbers 1 to 8. To select the shower time and the waiting time between showers, push ON the appropriate switches as indicated in table below. All others must be OFF.

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Battery Unit Installation

To install the Box

  • First fit the 6 AA cells into the battery holder ensuring that the flat (-) end of each cell is against the spring.
  • Double check that there is no sign of water weeping from the valve. The interior of the box must be dry. Turn taps off.
  • Plug the two wire leads firmly onto the solenoid valve. Match the white wire to the lug with the white dot and direct the wires toward the wall.
  • Slip the box over the solenoid valve. Ensure that the wiring is not obstructed within the box. The wires must pass between the valve and the wall, behind the coil. (See view from behind – Fig 2) The solenoid valve will locate the box vertically. Check that the box touches flat against the wall, on all sides.
  • Before securing the box, press the Start button and with a tap open, water should come out of the valve. Turn taps off but allow the timer to run through the cycle, observe the light color changes, hear the beeper, check the shower time and waiting time. When you are satisfied, secure the box to the wall.
  • Screw the box to the wall, but do not fit the screw caps until you are satisfied that everything is working correctly and the settings are satisfactory.
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To fit the showerhead

  • Screw the shower arm in without sealing tape until it is in the correct position. Count the number of turns when you remove the shower arm.
  • Tape the threads abundantly and screw the shower arm in again the same number of turns. Keep turning until the shower arm is in the correct position. Too tight and you will break the valve. If the shower arm is too loose, remove it and add more sealing tape.
  • Hold the box firmly to keep it vertical while screwing the shower arm on and off.
fit the showerhead

ShowerBoss® Battery  Operating Instructions

  • Press the Start button once and turn on the water handles in the usual way.
    Water will start to flow from the shower and the green light in the center will flash every 5 seconds.
    ** If you press the Start button again, you will pause the water flow for 30 seconds, after which  the water flow will resume it’s original countdown.**
  • When there are 2 minutes remaining, the beeper will sound two beeps.
    When there is one minute remaining, the beeper will sound once and the light will change from green to amber, flashing every 5 seconds.
  • With 30 sec remaining, the amber light will begin flashing more and more frequently until there are 10 sec remaining, then the beeper will sound and the light will change from amber to red, flashing every second.
  • The beeper will sound every one of the last five seconds and then the water will be cut off for the duration of the waiting time.
  • While waiting, a red light will flash every 10 seconds . At the completion of waiting time, the  beeper sounds once and the shower is ready to go.
  • No lights will be flashing in standby mode.

Battery warning

  • When batteries are approaching their end of life, a red light will flash on the right side.
  • You should replace the batteries with good quality Alkaline cells as soon as possible.
  • When the batteries are almost expired, the solenoid valve will open and remain open so that the shower will be unrestricted.

 *We highly recommend Heavy Duty Alkaline batteries to be used.

 *Lithium batteries and re-chargeable batteries are not suitable for this product.

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