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About US

Our journey was started in 2009 after finding a product that solved my personal problem. It was to get 2 teenage boys in and out of the shower on time for school.

After extensive searching I came across a product that was made in Australia.

I bought one and had to convert the fittings and power supply for it to work with US plumbing and electricity. It was well worth it! After I had it installed and working, there was no more shouting “get out of the shower…” every morning.

I decided that the many other parents needed to know about this, so I started importing them for resale. After some time, I decided to buy a share in the original company and start my distributorship here in N. America.

We now have some of the components made here in the USA, along with some upgrades and improvements! Soon our ShowerBoss® will be 100% made in the USA!

Our timers work so well that County Campgrounds, RV Parks, and summer camps have many of our timers working for years at their facilities. We also have organizations and homeless facilities using them.

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