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Innovative Ways to Reduce Overuse of Water and Energy

Reducing the amount of water you use on a daily basis has a variety of advantages, including protecting the environment, saving money on your water bill, and lowering the amount of energy you use to heat the water. You can also conserve water in a variety of ways. One way is to take shorter showers, which saves thousands of gallons of water each year. You can programme and monitor the amount of water utilized during each shower with a ShowerBoss® .

Our products are made to be simple to set up and use. Microchip technology is used in our cutoff valves to manage the amount of time spent in the shower in addition to preventing an immediate restart. Each product is set for a seven-minute shower and a five-minute wait, but you can customize it to meet your specific needs.

  • It’s time to relax and unwind!
    Allow Shower Timer to save you time and money when time is of the essence. Simply select the agreed-upon shower time and the interval between showers. Then programme your shower timer using the simple instructions.
  • It’s High Time to Conserve Water
    Did you realize that the bathroom uses about 30% of your household’s water? So reducing water consumption is a good place to start. Shower Timers can help you reduce this dramatically and effortlessly.

    Consider this: if a regular shower uses between 2 and 2.5 gallons of water per minute (depending on shower head), a 13-minute shower at 2 gallons per minute will use 26 gallons.
    If the shower time was cut in half, it would only take 6.5 minutes, saving 13 gallons of water.
    Which is a 50% savings.Multiplied by the number of people using the shower every day, could save an average of 4,745 gallons per year/per person ! This is a very beneficial savings, especially if you use well water !
    Consider the cost benefits of conserving 13 gallons of water and energy per shower.
    Our Widget allows you to rapidly investigate the consequences of your household’s water usage.
  • It’s time to conserve energy.

    If the Shower Timer is set for a 6-minute shower, and you take 5 showers per day, you may save more than $1,800 per year on water heating. This money is valuable to you, so don’t throw it away.

  • It’s time to start saving money.

    Yes, within a few weeks, a Shower Timer will easily pay for itself. A wise investment that will pay off in the long run. These recurring savings could help you upgrade your next vacation or pay off your home sooner. Choices are valuable, so make the best of them.

  • Time management benefit.

    When there are multiple people needing to shower and stay on a schedule, this is a great tool to do that. No more banging on the bathroom door or yelling to “get out of the shower”.

    Our reliable products are fully approved by major organizations that regulate electrical devices.  Our 12V DC power supply is UL™ listed.      We offer a manufacturer’s 1 year warranty on every product.

    Please review the Installation Instructions for the different units before you purchase.

    Note: The shower-head is not included, you are able to use your existing one.

    * Battery units do not have a digital display, see details on that page.

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